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raeon international

Raeon International is a Hong Kong based overseas property investment specialist. Founded in 2014, with their head office in Hong Kong and regional offices in the UK, Australia and Taiwan, Raeon International aims at providing a one-stop property investment solutions for investors around the world.


Voltage X revamped Raeon’s official website and set up different social media platform accounts in order to advertise online and generate leads to drive O2O foot fall for various overseas property seminars and drive sales as a result. Voltage X helped Raeon International to rebrand and launched an all-rounded digital marketing strategy, with multimedia Production, such as digital video and TVC. Voltage X also provided social media marketing services such as Facebook management and social advertising for strategic transformation for lead generation.



As a result, Raeon International became the most renowned oversea property agency in HK. In addition, Voltage X aided to double Raeon International’s following on their social media accounts and increased their engagement rate significantly.


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