Located in Central, TOPFIT is a premier fitness space in Hong Kong offering an elite, curated experience that delivers on its promise: results, support, camaraderie, community and fun.



Voltage X designed a GIF game campaign titled ‘#FingerHomicide’ in order to bring about exposure to TOPFIT’s brand. The title of the campaign aligned with one of TOPFIT’s classes on offer called Leg Homicide. This campaign was launched to target potential TOPFIT customers, the attraction was a giveaway of a free protein shake. The idea behind the campaign was that whoever participated in the GIF game and won a prize of the free protein shake giveaway, had to redeem the protein shake at TOPFIT’s gym in Central and if they also purchased a membership package, they had a chance of winning 1 year free membership at TOPFIT.


Key Result

As a result, the #FingerHomicide giveaway campaign reached over 50 thousand users and the total engagement rate was over 3 thousand, resulting in more conversions and more foot traffic, as over 177 people joined the GIF Game.



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