Two Moons Distillery  

Two Moons Distillery

As the city’s first craft gin distillery, Two Moons Distillery was founded by two gin-enthusiasts in 2019 and has now become a leading facility producing 100% locally made premium craft gin in the heart of Hong Kong.



Voltage X assisted in building up the brand identity through PR & Digital efforts since the launch of Two Moons Distillery. Voltage X provided public relations & influencer management services to Two Moons Distillery. We develop a well-rounded media plan to maximise Two Moons Distillery’s brand awareness and we adopted both media strategy and influencer marketing campaign to gain further exposure via online and offline media channels. Voltage X provided mainstream media and lifestyle influencers an exclusive tour experience to establish strong relations with the guests. Aside from this, Voltage X also provided digital campaign planning services. We launched a number of targeted social campaigns throughout the retainer period that helped promote Two Moons’ latest offerings, as well as O2O campaigns to maximise exposure. In addition, we also created highly creative, share-worthy content and engaged actively with our target audience to create a stronger gin community on social media through social media maintenance.



Key Result

As a result, over 121,000 people were reached via social media platforms. The average organic engagement rate of Facebook & Instagram was 4% and 7.5% respectively, which is higher than the industry benchmark, showing that the content is relevant and engaging to followers. Voltage X also obtained 325 media coverages across print, online and broadcast. 5 founder interviews with top-tier media publications such as Sassy Hong Kong, Sing Tao Daily and Apple Daily were also obtained during our retainer period with Two Moons Distillery.



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