In 2019, London’s original avocado themed restaurant Avobar ventured out to Hong Kong to open its first international extension in K11 MUSEA, Tsim Sha Tsui.



Voltage X implemented an integrated marketing strategy as we launched a holistic campaign consisting of media relations, digital management and KOL marketing to promote the launch of the restaurant and position Avobar as the one of the first superfood restaurants in Hong Kong. Voltage X also implemented a creative social and content strategy as we establish Avobar’s social presence in Hong Kong by leveraging the viral nature of social media to launch different digital campaigns and ad promotions in order to engage with our fans online. Through the development of creative marketing content that aligns with Avobar’s global brand direction, we helped generate brand awareness, built a strong community of loyal fans, and enabled our content to reach the right audience to drive foot traffic and sales. Lastly, Voltage X utilised a media relations and influencer marketing strategy which involved the organisation of a media and KOL tasting day with over 50 people attending with an aim to let editors and influencers preview the venue and sample the food before the official opening of Avobar. To sustain the momentum of the PR and marketing efforts, we continued coming up with multiple PR angles and marketing campaigns throughout the year to attract more media, KOLs and the general public to visit Avobar.


Key Result

As a result, Voltage X created Avobar’s brand page from scratch and acquired more than 3,800 followers on Instagram. We also attained a higher engagement rate than the industry benchmark across both Facebook and Instagram. Voltage X successfully launched different social media ad campaigns that reached a total of 1 million + people and more than 800 media coverages were gained in the 1 year retainer period with a total PR value of over HK$41 million. This was obtained through Voltage X successfully inviting more than 50 KOLs and food bloggers for tastings, reaching a minimum reach of 1.4 million people. 



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