Gradini is a restaurant and bar located within The Pottinger Hotel Hong Kong. Gradini launched the campaign ‘#ProseccoTivo’ to captivate the younger working crowd to enjoy an afternoon delight with them.





Aperitivo is an afternoon alcoholic beverage that stimulates a person’s appetite prior to their meal/dinner. This is a popular and common European practice which was slowly introduced to the Hong Kong market. Voltage X saw this as a great opportunity for Gradini Ristorante E Bar Italiano to launch a digital campaign that targeted the younger working crowd to come in from 5pm to 9pm daily, with a chance to win a hotel stay at The Pottinger if they chose to share their experience on their social media accounts. Voltage X also provided Digital marketing services such as activating a Social Media initiative by inviting a minimum of 3 KOLs to enjoy the afternoon delight and share their personal experience on their social media accounts to their followers.


Key Result

As a result, this campaign reached more than 160,000 individuals through various social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Gradini also saw a 30% organic increase in social media account followings subsequent to the campaign.



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