Sixes Hotpot  

Sixes Hotpot

Sixes Hotpot specializes in a variety of Chinese and Hong Kong-style hot pot bases with over 70 carefully selected ingredients, creating a private hot pot experience for diners! The restaurant’s name derives from the Cantonese homonym of “淥” and carries auspicious connotations of family harmony and happiness in Chinese culture. With one of the owners hailing from Henan Province and having resided in Hong Kong for over a decade, the restaurant embodies the warm hospitality and culinary traditions of both regions. Embracing the popular sidewalk dining culture, the restaurant aims to provide patrons with a cozy and harmonious atmosphere to savor their meals.

Sixes Hotpot offered a limited time summer discount for the month of August 2023. Customers spent HK$500 or more per person on Sundays and Tuesdays to Thursdays in August to receive discounts according to the prevailing temperature.

Voltage X assisted on formulating the marketing campaign that aims to create a new PR angle for promoting Sixes Hotpot. Besides, a bespoke PR campaign for Sixes Hotpot is also curated in order to create public awareness of the summer offer of Sixes Hotpot. 


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