WOOBAR opened it’s doors when the W Hotel in Hong Kong opened in 2011, ever since it has been a staple for patrons and nightlife lovers to enjoy fabulous cocktails in an effortless, sophisticated and glamorous establishment with an atmosphere that excudes chic and post moderness through their interior design.




WOOBAR’s aimed to reboot their social media marketing with the intention of re-establishing their brand image, increase brand awareness, boost exposure of their unique selling points and to grow their following on their popular yet inactive Facebook page. In order to accomplish this, Voltage X took an omnichannel marketing communication approach and developed an omnichannel user experience by creating different curated content for both Instagram and Facebook. We also decided to use social media paid promotions to accurately identify and target WOOBAR’s audience on both social media platforms.


Key Result

As a result, we were able to consistently achieved positive results when targeting our ads and out of the 46 ads we created for WOOBAR, 33 of those ads achieved a cost per click rate (CPC) of under HK$1. Within a 4-month retainer period, our curated content and ads were able to increase Woobar’s Facebook likes and Instagram following by 21.2% and 36.8% respectively. Furthermore, through reinstating the W Hotel’s guidelines for WOOBAR’s social accounts, we were able to successfully re-establish the correct visual direction and brand tone that W Hong Kong required.



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