Yutakana Seikatsu  

Yutakana Seikatsu

Yutakana Seikatsu, the pioneering mindfulness healthcare brand in Hong Kong, has unveiled its latest initiative – the Yutakana Seikatsu Mindfulness Academy (YSMA). Of particular note, the academy is introducing the first-ever Mindfulness-based Sleep Aid Programme in Hong Kong and aims to help over 10,000 people overcome sleep problems in its first year. The programme will provide 100 complimentary slots for the public in its initial stage.

In support of Yutakana Seikatsu’s latest initiative, Voltage X aided in the coordination of a media preview event and extended invitations to members of the media to attend. Through a strategic use of various PR tactics and channels, Voltage X successfully generated media coverage for the launch of YSMA and the “Mindfulness-based Sleep Aid Programme,” creating a buzz and generating interest around the product showcase. Voltage X also distributed press releases and pitched different media outlets to further promote the initiative, ensuring maximum exposure and impact for client.


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