The Power of User Generated Content (UGC) in Content Marketing  

Ever thought your customers’ selfies could bring valuable (and effortless) advertising opportunities? Images, videos, text, and even podcasts created and shared by customers across different public platforms can all be forms of user-generated content (UGC). Given its organic nature, UGC often surpasses the social engagement levels generated by official brand representatives.

Why is UGC getting popular?

In the age of artificial intelligence, authentic content that features experiences of real people is particularly captivating. Thanks to the prevalence of social media, most users have become habitual voluntary content creators. The extensive usage of reels and hashtags has also significantly simplified the creation of UGC, making the content easily accessible. More importantly, UGC helps nurture a virtual community that gives users a sense of belonging, especially among Gen Z. According to a recent research by InMobi, 61% of Gen Z prefer UGC over other content formats*. 

The Many Benefits of UGC 

Simply said, UGC is a digitalised version of word-of-mouth marketing. Similar to traditional word of mouth, UGC is a powerful form of marketing with the potential to bring maximal effect at virtually zero cost.


1. Authenticity & Relatability

Since UGC is generated by real-life users, it establishes a sense of trust and credibility among prospective customers. As the creators are genuine customers of your products, they are more capable of resonating with fellow customers and putting your products in an everyday context. 


2. Organic Engagement 

Since UGC creators are not obligated to endorse the brand, their presentation is often less in-your-face than conventional advertising, evoking  interest more spontaneously. Some UGC creators may have substantial social media followings, which enable you to reach a broader spectrum of audiences.


3. Endless Possibilities

Your marketing team is no doubt talented but admittedly they can’t beat thousands of netizens active around the world and around the clock. You are likely to discover innovative ways to present your brand and products. 

Key Points to Note When Using UGC

While the use of UGC is practically free, there are things to keep in mind when utilising it. 


1. Quality Control

Due to UGC’s spontaneous nature, the presentation and quality can vary drastically. It may not be consistent with your brand values or match your current campaigns, bringing unpredictability to the picture.  


2. Time Cost 

While you can save time producing the content, it takes time to locate the suitable UGC for your products. It may also be time-consuming to  obtain permission from users. 


3. The Right Campaign

To regulate the vast realm of UGC, it is more effective to initiate a campaign with fitting hashtags to invite target campaign-specific content.

Final Thought

UGC speaks for itself as a precious piece of customer loyalty. Despite the time and effort required to collect and monitor the relevant UGC materials, it is more than worth it to harness their marketing potential. 


Voltage X has been assisting clients to source and manage UGC on social media. Iconic boutique hotel The Fleming, for instance, utilises photos from guests, complemented by our insightful copywriting, for its entire Instagram account. Let us know about your marketing objectives and we can develop campaigns by leveraging UGC in innovative,  impactful ways.