3 Simple Steps to Kickstart Your Influencer Campaign  

Influencer campaign has been around for decades, but this powerful marketing strategy is now more important than ever to help increase your brand awareness, get leads, and drive major sales!


To get started with influencer marketing for your business, we have 3 simple tips for you to kickstart your influencer campaign.

To get a better insight into micro-influencers, we’d like to share our client, Avobar’s success story first:


Objective: Increase general branding awareness more specifically to increase online presence in a short amount of time. 

Action: We selected a number of micro-influencers (between 5K-15K followers on Instagram) and invited them to visit Avobar for a tasting to promote our restaurant offerings, including the signature Matcha Pancakes & Superfood Lattes.

Results: In return, we received a large amount of coverage through Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook and OpenRice, and succeeded in generating brand awareness for Avobar.

And now that you’re convinced, we’ve narrowed down the process into 3 simple steps for you:

Step 1: Define Your Objectives

Decide what the objective of your influencer campaign will be. Are you hoping to enhance your brand image? Drive sales? Or target a new audience?

Step 2: Find the Optimal Micro-influencer

Condense your influencer list to those who engage in topics as closely related to your brand’s products and services. To make this process more efficient, seek help from a PR agency to intervene.

Step 3: Let the influence do their thing

Looking to enhance your brand image? Have your micro-influencer participate in an “account takeover”, or have them write a blog post on your company’s website to generate brand awareness and credibility.

Overall, while incorporating micro-influencers may be worth the investment to enhance your overall branding strategy, we recommend sourcing additional strategies to create an integrated marketing plan for long-term success.

Interested in how we can achieve your marketing goals? Feel free to reach out to us now!