Barefoot, a US wine brand known for its famed “footprint” logo and colorful label design, is the world’s number one selling wine brand, guaranteeing the strength of the brand and the quality of the products. The brand strives to create wines of outstanding quality at affordable prices to satisfy consumers’ different preferences and make them easy to drink on all occasions.

Barefoot, as a partner of California Wine Month 2023, participated in the flagship event of Sips of Summer – “Music in the Vineyard” on July 8 to experience the wonderful combination of wine tasting and live music. At the same time, Barefoot can also be seen at tram stops around Hong Kong Island, promoting the brand and attracting more people to taste Barefoot’s California wines.

Voltage X designed a customized PR campaign for the promotion of Barefoot and the summer party essential, the Moscato Sangria cocktail recipe. In addition to crafting press releases and pitching to the media, Voltage X invited influential KOLs to create their own Moscato Sangria. Media coverages were gained in the project period with a total PR value of over $1 million. Coverage could be found on lifestyle media publications such as ELLE, Mingpao Weekly and HK01.


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