Voltage X employs integrated marketing strategy to harness the ever-changing market  

Voltage X has transcended the socio-economic turbulence in the last few years with an integrated marketing strategy. In the midst of COVID-19, Voltage X launched an e-dining campaign with Henderson Land Development since 2021 for three consecutive years with remarkable success.


In 2022, when the local F&B Industry was still largely grappling with the pandemic recession, Voltage X kicked off “E-dining Campaign 2022 – The Art of Gourmet Flavours” to transform the downturn into a rare opportunity to promote dine-in experiences at upscale bars and restaurants.


Capitalising on the second phase of the Consumption Voucher Scheme, the campaign joined hands with 25 participating premier restaurants and bars (from H Queen’s, H Code, H Zentre, and 18 On Lan) to offer HK$400 worth dining vouchers at a mere HK$200. With the aid of Voltage X’s result-driven bespoke solutions, all vouchers were sold out within hours. The following year saw similar success with all vouchers sold out within 5 hours with 28 participating restaurants and bars.


Over the last three years, Voltage X witnessed shifting customer behaviour and saw potential beyond the apparent economic challenges.

Content is still king, so is offline marketing

In a highly digitalised era, it is easy to over-rely on eye-catching presentations and overlook the roles of quality content. Gimmicks may create a one-hit wonder, but outstanding content is what makes goodwill last.


Voltage X considers quality content as an effective means to build and consolidate brand values and culture. Brand loyalty will naturally follow genuine communication. “Constant and consistently good campaigns remain an efficient tactic for a brand to gain exposure,” said Dan Lun, CEO of Voltage X. The Rule of 7 in traditional marketing suggests it takes an average of seven interactions with a potential customer before a purchase takes place. In today’s social media marketing the Rule of 10 or more would ring truer. Excellent content is even more crucial when your brand’s messages are spread in repetition.

Against popular belief, offline retail in Hong Kong is still the mainstream. According to provisional statistics from the Census and Statistics Department, Hong Kong’s online sales accounted only for 6.7% of the total retail sales value in June 2023, which is 3.3% lower than June 2022, with the value of total retail sales increased by 19.6%. “In the post-pandemic period, online-merge-offline (OMO) approach is even more relevant,” said Lun. “A one-stop, all-round marketing strategy is essential to trace new clients and retain existing ones.”


In an all-round marketing strategy, public relations plays a pivotal role to align and leverage both online and offline coverages. With consumers getting increasingly sophisticated, brands have to articulate their messages astutely to resonate with their target audiences. Voltage X’s PR team comes in to monitor the process for a compelling and risk-free delivery, while maximising the power of soft-selling through influencer marketing.

What lies ahead for digital marketing?

The rise of Xiaohongshu is changing the social media game in Hong Kong, thanks to the influx of mainland Chinese visitors. In July 2023 alone, out of 3.6 million arrivals, nearly three million came from Mainland China, according to the Hong Kong Tourism Board. In the same month, 4.68 million departures from Hong Kong people to the mainland China were recorded by the Immigration Department. Voltage X has geared up for these shifts by specialising in Xiaohongshu, while connecting with Shenzhen for campaigns targeting Hong Kong visitors.


With volatility becoming the marketing norm, brands and marketers alike have to equip themselves with the fitting tactics. An integrated marketing strategy is no doubt one of them.


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