The goal

As a global pioneer in optics, ZEISS’s laser correction technology has been widely adopted for years. In 2023, the brand new laser procedure SMILE® pro was introduced, which reduces the operation time on each eye from around 25 seconds to around 10 seconds. Through PR events, ZEISS aims to educate the public about the procedure’s benefits, while attracting more potential customers.


The Strategy

Voltage X decided to employ an interactive mobile truck to promote SMILE® pro. In addition to introducing the new procedure, the truck also provided free screening for the public, drawing in a group that can potentially undergo the procedure. From designing the slogan, the truck and a mini game to coordinating promoters, Voltage X coordinated every detail of the event.



The Result

The mini game designed by Voltage X showcased SMILE® pro’s advantages, leaving a lasting impression on participants. The screening successfully identified potential customers for ZEISS, making their resource allocation more efficient. In 26 days, the campaign has successfully raised awareness for the new procedure.




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